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    Medical professionals

    that you can trustWe care for your health Qualified Staff with expertise in services, we Offer for more reasonable cost with love
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    In-patient Department

    30 single or shared bedroomsStrengthen relationships with national and international medical insurance companies through periodic meetings and seminars. Learn More
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    A friendly staff

    for a comfortable experienceAdvanced cardiac and respiratory life supportMeet our staff

Intensive Care Unit - ICU

Advanced cardiac and respiratory life support. On-site laboratory,bedside monitors,portable x-ray unit,portable ultrasonography,multiple infusion and perfusion units.International and local cuisine.

Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine

Largest and most advanced hyperbaric chamber in the middle east Capable of treating up to 9 patients at the same time.Diving Emergency Physicians,pre-diving medical check-up and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.


Emergency Medical

24 hour Medical Services,Emergency Physicians and Paramedics,Mobile Intensive Care Units and Ambulances,Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine,Emergency Surgery , ICU and Accessible private airport.

DID YOU KNOW ? More than 10,000 people trusted us with their lives.

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Our Departments

Browse through each our departments below for a quick description:
Largest and most advanced hyperbaric chamber in the middle east and capable of treating up to 9 patients at the same time. Learn More  
accordion-babyThe ICU is a multidisciplinary facility with advanced cardiac and respiratory life support for critical medical, cardiac and surgical cases. Learn More  
Pediatric Incubator Department is fully equipped and staffed to handle severely premature babies of as low as 24 weeks gestation to term babies. Learn More  
Elgouna hospital’s accident and emergency department is equipped to treat medical and surgical emergencies 24 hours a day. Learn More  
An advanced lab providing the whole spectrum of blood, immunological, hormonal and serological tests. Learn More  
We are working 24 hours to serve Inpatient & out-patient. Our in-house Pharmacy and Beauty Center serves the hospital. Learn More  
Our Department supplies a full comprehensive & understanding Gynecological, Antenatal, natal & postnatal care , Obstetric for the women through her different life stages. Learn More  

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Meet our Medical Specialists


Dr. Mohamed Nagy Serour


Dr. Gihan Ahmed Samy


Dr. Hossam Galal El Anany

Dermatology & Andrology consultant

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